There’s lots to do at Create and Paint, and we’ve made sure that everything you need is readily available! No matter what your age, interests or ability, there’s something here for everyone.

Read below to find out more about the activities we offer!

How much does it cost?

For individual or small groups, there’s the price of the item/s you want to paint, deco-patch or cover with foam clay, and then a studio fee of £4 per painter.

Ceramic Painting

How does it work?

Select an item you’d like to paint (known as a ‘bisque’). We have a big range of bisques to suit all tastes, and prices start at just £5.95!

Paint, stamp, stencil or sponge your item. Get creative!

Once the paint is dry, we’ll glaze over your piece and fire it in our kiln. It’ll be ready for you to collect in ten days.


How does it work?

Select an item that you’d like to decorate, and the Decopatch paper you’d like to cover it in. Prices start at £5.95!

Cut or tear the paper, gluing each piece as you go until the item is covered. Don’t forget finishing touches like sparkling gems or googly eyes!

Whilst it dries, you can take a look around our gift shop or enjoy a slice of homemade cake and a cup of our speciality teas or fresh ground coffee in our café. Then you can take your Decopatch home!

Foam Clay

How does it work?

Select an item you’d like to decorate. Prices start at £5.95!

Next choose the foams you’d like to use, then mould and press the clay to your item using your fingers and the tools provided. Your creation is ready to take away the same day, and will air dry and be solid in one to three days!

Create A Teddy

How does it work?

Choose your bear, cat, dog, tiger or dinosaur. We hold a wide variety of designs in store, and there are many more available if you’re booking for a party with at least seven days notice!

Stuff Teddy from head to toe. Make sure there’s plenty of stuffing inside, or else Teddy won’t sit up!

T-shirts can be also be added to the bundle to keep teddy warm for just a little extra

Finally, pop in a heart and make a wish. Price is just £15.95!